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Commitment to Wellness

We know you want to take a more active role in managing your family’s well-being. We call this “wellness empowerment” and we have the tools and services to help, including the wellness+ rewards loyalty program, our Wellness Stores, and in-store Wellness Ambassadors.




wellness+ rewards


Our wellness+ rewards loyalty program is more than just a savings card. Yes, you can sign up for this free service in order to unlock in-store savings and load and redeem coupons on your card, but our program also provides valuable health and wellness benefits. As a wellness+ member, you gain 24/7 toll-free and online access to a pharmacist and earn points for most of your store purchases—points that, over time, can lead to up to 20% OFF non-sale prices everyday.


Wellness Ambassadors


As members of our pharmacy teams, Wellness Ambassadors have extensive training to help make shopping in our Wellness Stores an informative experience.


Wellness Stores


Our remodeled Wellness Stores provide improved access to products and services that help you and your family live healthier lives.


In-Store Health Screenings


Rite Aid provides in-store health screenings. These screenings can help you better understand your health status and guide you toward actions to improve your well-being. Health screenings are especially important for Rite Aid customers who lack access to preventative care or who may not have the time to schedule an appointment with their physician.