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As one of our three key areas of focus, we are ready to help our communities when they need us most — during times of emergency or natural disasters. Supporting the health and wellness of our communities is especially important during these times. We are ready not only with support to help organizations focused on relief, but we're ready to send volunteers and supplies into the communities which need them most. 



Our swift response to help victims and organizations in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was proof of our commitment. In addition to $200,000 in donations to relief efforts, we were able to work closely with local organizations to assess specific needs for emergency supplies. This led to the delivery of bottled water and other supplies directly to hurricane victims.  We also mobilized our customers across the country to help through an in-store fundraising campaign for Hurricane Sandy relief, raising more than $450,000 in donations to support ongoing relief and rebuilding.



This is just one example of the impact we can make in helping our communities during times of emergency. We will continue to prepare and plan within Rite Aid communities to make sure we are always ready to respond in the most appropriate way possible.